Andrea C.

Dr. Bomgaars is not like any other chiropractor I have seen.  Her skills and style is much different than others. She has helped both my husband and I recover from injuries and ultimately improve our health.

I have had jaw pain for many years- something that is difficult to treat especially when I clench at night.  She spent 20+ minutes with me, doing soft tissue work through out my neck and back adjusting me where needed. I have always been hesitant with adjustments of my neck but to tell the truth I hardly felt them, her technique is very gentle. My jaw pain has decreased by half so of course I had to send my husband to her.

My husband is a runner as is Dr. Bomgaars so she knew exactly how to treat him. She has helped him decrease tightness throughout his hips and low back and has taught him stretches to do to prolong her treatments. She has helped him to train for a marathon injury free.

We both recommend her to anyone in need of a truly compassionate chiropractor.

Alan R.

I have been seeing Dr. Bomgaars for almost 2 months now and I am not the type to usually write a review, but “quality” is at such a premium today, I want others to benefit from her services.  The way I found her was through my health insurance company.  I was practically rolled up in a ball from sciatic pain that I incurred while working out at the gym.  She did a complete exam and started doing “soft” adjustments (not the hard neck snaps) and within an hour, my pain went from a 9 to a 4.  I had a follow up visit 3 days later and it dropped the pain down to practically nothing.  Two months later the pain is a mere memory.
She is young and that may make some people uncomfortable, but conversely, she is up on all the latest techniques and technology because of her schooling.  I would recommend her to anyone in pain or who wants to prevent pain.

Arthur H.

As a chiropractor, I am very picky about who I allow to treat me.  I highly recommend my colleague Dr. Rebecca Bomgaars.  She is clinically adept, possesses great hands, is kindhearted, and she always gives her maximum effort in helping her patients.  Dr. Rebecca has helped, and continues to help me when I need chiropractic care.

Gordon G.

Fantastic care.  Dr. Bomgaars is thorough in evaluation, and specific in treatment plan for each individual.  She takes time to listen to the patient, and I found relief as a result of her treatments.  She understands and treats the entire patient, from muscle to connective tissue to bone structure, and is knowledgeable on diet and exercise.  She is generous with her time with each patient.  I highly recommend her care, not only if there are troubles, but also for good health maintenance.

Justin B.

Great experience.  Not the chiropractic visit that I am used to.  Dr. Bomgaars uses a light force adjustment technique that avoids all the cracking.  She also spends time doing soft tissue and muscle work, which left me feeling great.  I would recommend Dr. Bomgaars to anyone, especially to those looking for an alternative to the cracking and wanting more than a quick 5 minute adjustment.