Treatment approach:

* Soft Tissue Treatment (releasing scar tissue with MRT)

* Gentle Chiropractic (option for no popping using Non-Force Adjusting)

* Functional and Postural Training

* Nutritional Counseling

* Strength and Conditioning

Myofascial release technique (MRT) is a soft tissue (muscles, fascia and more) mobilization technique used to help joints move correctly, release tension and decrease pain.  Sports injuries respond well to this muscle work because often the body forms scar tissue (also known as fibrous tissue or an adhesion) from injuries, over training, surgeries, other trauma or even emotional or nutritional stress.

Scar tissue forms in soft tissue often after trauma.  Articles to support this statement are cited below.

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Non-Force Adjusting is used to align the bones so they are symmetrical.  This gentle technique is a wonderful option for people leery of the popping noise.  I still use my hands for this adjustment, and offer the popping option as well if my patients prefer it and if there are no contraindications.  I do a thorough history and exam to make sure patients are safe for these treatment options.